Brand Velocity, a consulting firm that has a special relationship with the Drucker Institute, was named by Consultingmagazine as one of the industry’s “up-and-comers.”

2013Mar_CoverSmallIn its March issue, Consulting selected “seven small jewels,” which it called “the hidden gems of the consulting profession.” In addition, it picked Atlanta-based BV and six other firms as “Seven to Watch this year and beyond.”

BV specializes in helping corporate clients successfully design, implement and run large-scale reinvention projects.

Consulting has formally recognized what my colleagues in Claremont and I have long known: BV’s approach to business—much of which is based on Peter Drucker’s principles for making knowledge workers more productive—is highly effective,” said Rick Wartzman, the Drucker Institute’s executive director. “We’re really proud of BV for receiving this honor.”

The Drucker Institute provides BV unparalleled access to its knowledge, programs and products. BV gives the Drucker Institute a window into what happens when Peter Drucker’s ideas are put into practice at major corporations. In addition, BV invests significantly in the Institute’s work as a social enterprise. And Jack Bergstrand, BV’s founder and CEO, serves on the Institute’s Board of Advisors.