Drucker Centennial events calendar goes live; highlights include a major forum in Vienna

The Drucker Institute, along with the Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management, announced today that it has posted a Drucker Centennial events calendar at www.drucker100.com.

The Drucker Centennial will mark the 100th birthday of Peter F. Drucker, the father of modern management; author of 39 books on organizational behavior, innovation, economy, and society; and winner of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. This commemoration and celebration will be crowned by a week of special events at Claremont Graduate University in November 2009 and supplemented by other activities from Fall 2008-2010.

Among the activities being planned for the Centennial is a Drucker Global Forum in Vienna—Drucker’s birthplace—on his birthday: Nov. 19, 2009. This event is being organized by the Drucker Society of Austria, and it’s meant to showcase Drucker’s European roots while also pointing the way toward the future of management. For more, pleaseclick here.

Meanwhile, other Centennial events include a one-day summit in Claremont with corporate leaders on “The Drucker CEO of the 21st Century”; a Drucker Centennial Public Lecture Series, to be held in conjunction with the Library Foundation of Los Angeles; a series of onstage conversations between Rajiv Dutta and senior executives on “Managing in the 21st Century”; and a Centennial marketing symposium that will showcase Drucker’s pioneering contributions to the field.

Also planned as part of the Centennial is the launch of a major community-service project in the Inland Empire by CGU students; the premiere of the Drucker Institute documentary “Closing the Responsibility Gap”; a doubling around the world of the number of Drucker Societies—all-volunteer groups that use Drucker’s teachings to bring about positive change in their communities; and a major conference devoted to Drucker’s concept of “management as a liberal art.”

Many of the events listed on the calendar are free and open to the public. Additional events will be added throughout the year, as plans are solidified, so those interested are encouraged to check back periodically for updates.