Joe Maciariello, author of the Drucker Curriculum

The Drucker Curriculum organizes the essentials from Peter Drucker’s 60-plus years of work into 14 teaching modules. Each module offers a deep dive into a major topic area such as innovation, individual effectiveness or social responsibility. Taken together, the modules present Drucker’s work as an organic whole—an interrelated system of elements that combines leadership skills and management practices.

The Curriculum was developed by Drucker Institute Academic and Research Director Joseph A. Maciariello. Each of the 14 modules includes separate guides for the instructor and for participants. Also included are videos and case studies that supplement live instruction and help participants see and understand Drucker’s ideas in action.

Through select strategic partnerships, the Institute licenses third parties to teach management practices to working professionals using the Curriculum. Drucker Curriculum-based courses are currently being offered in India by the PRISM Group and in China by the Peter F. Drucker Academy. Courses will soon be offered in Japan by Hitachi Information Academy, in Brazil by HSM Educação and in Bulgaria by the Open Mind Society.

For more information, please contact Alec Faggen at Alec.Faggen@cgu.edu or 909-607-2561.