Drucker for Future Leaders


Drucker for Future Leaders (DFL) teaches Drucker-based management skills to middle- and high-school students who use these lessons to design and implement community service projects. The students then develop individual self-management plans to pursue their academic and personal goals.

Peter Drucker’s Five Most Important Questions (What is our mission? Who is our customer? What does the customer value? What are our results? What is our plan?) serve as the cornerstone of the students’ management training and provide a basic framework for the management plans the students put into practice.

The students learn and utilize other key management principles such as identifying and working from their strengths, adhering to their values, assessing their progress and revising their plans, managing their time, and practicing planned abandonment. Drucker for Future Leaders is project-based. It promotes collaborative and experiential learning, cultivates communication skills, and provides opportunities for the use and application of technology.

The curriculum is designed to unfold within a semester and consists of 12 to 15 classroom sessions of approximately 50 minutes (that can be broken up or combined to fit alternative classroom scheduling). The program is flexible in its implementation; some schools have delivered it within a two-month period while others have spread it out over a semester. The curriculum has been taught within business, careers and humanities courses as well as advisory and personal- and character-development classroom settings.

The Center for Evaluation and Education Policy (CEEP) at Indiana University, a national leader in the assessment of educational programs, evaluates all Drucker for Future Leaders implementations and has collected “statistically significant” data indicating that DFL assists students “in knowing their values, having academic and school goals, and seeing that chance and luck are not connected to what happens in life.”

Summary of the CEEP Results

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