Drucker Institute named one of the top ‘influencers’ in the HR world

Focus.com has named the Drucker Institute as one of the human-resource community’s top “influencers,” putting it alongside such notable names as Marcus Buckingham and Daniel Pink.

Focus.com, a leading online resource to help business and IT professionals make purchase and other types of decisions, cited the Drucker Institute as one of 25 experts, blogs and influencers “that got the HR world talking last year.”

It noted, in particular, how “Peter Drucker’s legacy is kept alive by this campus-wide resource of Claremont Graduate University. The think tank works to apply Drucker’s ideas to contemporary management issues.”

“We’re honored to have been selected by Focus.com,” said Jamie Jones, the Drucker Institute’s strategic marketing manager. “But we’re also intent on our influence growing substantially in the coming year.

“In the next couple of months,” Jones continued, “we’ll be releasing an updated version of our social media tool—dubbed Drucker Apps 2.0—that will contain new interactive features. In this way, we hope to more deeply engage an ever-larger audience that is interested in bettering society through effective management and responsible leadership. With Peter Drucker’s timeless teachings as a foundation, we want to help spur more people to turn ideas into action.”

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