Drucker Institute plays host to representatives from 18 countries at the Drucker Society Symposium

Drucker Society Global Symposium 2010

More than 50 people from 18 countries gathered in Claremont at the Drucker Society Global Symposium from May 20-22 to discuss how they could best implement Peter Drucker’s teachings in their communities in order to help local institutions become more effectively managed and responsibly led.

All of those in attendance are currently members or interested in becoming members of Drucker Societies—all-volunteer organizations that deliver a slate of programs developed in conjunction with the Drucker Institute.

These programs include a training session on effectiveness for nonprofit and NGO leaders; a presentation on social responsibility geared to corporate executives; a book club in which participants track how they are personally implementing Drucker’s concepts; a workshop on innovation and entrepreneurship; a workshop on leadership; and a Drucker-in-High-Schools program in which 10th-, 11th- and 12th-graders learn basic management skills and then apply them to a community-service project—and ultimately to their own lives.

“At the symposium, Society leaders could clearly see that their divergent communities could all benefit from Peter Drucker’s universal insights,” said Lawrence Greenspun, the Drucker Institute program manager who oversees the Drucker Society Network. “While the specifics of how our programs would most effectively be delivered might vary from country to country, Drucker’s lessons on social responsibility, effective management, innovation and entrepreneurship, and leadership resonated across cultures. Peter really serves as a common language that supersedes borders and sectors, and that speaks to something on a very basic human, organizational and societal level.”

For more information on joining or starting a Drucker Society in your community, please click here.