Drucker Playbook for the Public Sector launches online

Today, we announce the launch of the Drucker Playbook for the Public Sector, an online training program that arms government workers with tools for individual, team and organizational effectiveness.

The Playbook’s practical, Drucker-based lessons for public sector employees are based on four building blocks of effective leadership: Vision, Management, Performance and Character. Using a custom Learning Management System, Drucker Playbook participants move at their own pace through presentations by Drucker Institute trainers, animated case studies, excerpted and adapted Drucker texts, engaging activities, and original audio and video recordings of the late Peter Drucker himself. Through more than 15 total hours, the seven Playbook modules cover topics such as Effective Communication, Planned Abandonment, Innovation, Accountability and more.

To help turn good intentions into action, each Playbook participant has the opportunity to receive direct support from the Drucker Institute. Our Playbook staff have extensive experience working with government employees seeking to bring positive change to the people and communities they serve.

For teams looking to apply the Playbook’s insights and lessons, each module comes with a fully-scripted group-leader discussion guide.

As with the Drucker Institute’s other core programs, the Playbook rests on our YESTERDAY/TODAY/ MONDAY* foundation. “Yesterday” refers to the fact that all of our work is grounded in Peter Drucker’s timeless wisdom. “Today” speaks to the urgency that we know organizational leaders feel to successfully meet their greatest challenges and opportunities. And “Monday” points to our proven ability to help people move quickly from ideas to action to results, just as Drucker urged his own consulting clients: “Don’t tell me you had a wonderful meeting with me. Tell me what you’re going to do on Monday that’s different.”

To make Monday different for you and your government agency, visit the Drucker Playbook for the Public Sectoronline platform and contact Drucker Institute senior program developer and manager Lawrence Greenspun atLawrence.Greenspun@cgu.edu.

“After successful, synchronous pilot implementations of the Drucker Playbook in the cities of South Bend, Indiana; Louisville, Kentucky; and Memphis, Tennessee, we knew we needed to find a way to share the Playbook with a wider audience in the public sector,” said Greenspun. “The online version of the Drucker Playbook allows for that, while our commitment to directly supporting Playbook participants through one-on-one coaching maintains the hands-on element of the program that’s been a key to its impact and success.”

Linda Delaney, Learning Coordinator for the City of Memphis Office of Talent Development and a Drucker Playbook graduate, said, “The Drucker Playbook training was effective in helping me to see through new lenses and providing tools to help me apply the information. This training is simply invaluable. Government agencies can’t afford to miss this opportunity to learn essential lessons on management, leadership and organizational effectiveness from the teachings of Peter Drucker.”