The Drucker Institute and the Hitachi Information Academy Co. Ltd. (HIA) announced today that HIA has become the exclusive provider of the Drucker Curriculum in Japan. (The Japanese-language press release is available here.)

The Drucker Curriculum, developed by Drucker Institute Academic and Research Director Joe Maciariello, organizes the essentials from Peter Drucker’s 60-plus years of work into 14 teaching modules. Each module offers a deep dive into a major topic area such as innovation, individual effectiveness or social responsibility. Taken together, the modules present Drucker’s work as an organic whole—an interrelated system of elements that combines leadership skills and management practices.

“We’re thrilled to be introducing the Drucker Curriculum in Japan and couldn’t be more pleased that the Hitachi Information Academy is our partner,” said Zach First, the Drucker Institute’s managing director. “HIA is not only a top-tier learning organization, but it is also one that shares our values and clearly understands that effective management across organizations is the key to creating a healthy society.”

Yoshiyasu Matsui, HIA’s president, noted how “pleased and honored” he and his colleagues are “to get the chance to deliver the Drucker Curriculum” in Japan. “The more we learn of Drucker’s ideas,” he added, “the more we recognize how profound and essential they are. We will make an unsparing effort to spread Drucker’s teachings among people in Japan in order to help organizations become more creative and vigorous, and to contribute to society.”

In addition to HIA, the PRISM Group in India and the Peter F. Drucker Academy in China are also offering Drucker Curriculum-based courses. Similar courses will soon be offered in Brazil by HSM Educação and in Bulgaria by theOpen Mind Society.