Create and Assess Ideas for Business Growth
Targeted to Heads of Human Resources, Talent Management & Corporate Learning

Future Workplace and the Drucker Institute are proud to offer a two-day offsite Innovation Boot Camp for heads of Human Resources, Talent Management & Corporate Learning. This unique collaboration will apply Peter Drucker’s timeless insights on innovation to the emerging challenges facing today’s Human Resources leaders.

The experience, modeled on our high-impact Drucker Institute Forums, will have participants working immediately on real business issues—not mulling theories or tackling hypotheticals. It will bring together Future Workplace’s insights on five mega trends affecting the ability of HR organizations to innovate, Drucker’s time-tested wisdom, the Drucker Institute’s world-class behavior-change and design thinking process, and the Institute’s extensive access to other innovative enterprises. This program is designed for 25 to 35 individual participants: heads of Human Resources, Talent Management and Corporate Learning in Fortune 1000 organizations.

The Agenda in Brief

  • Probe how five mega trends impact an HR organization’s ability to innovate.
  • Understand Peter Drucker Seven Sources of Innovation Opportunity.
  • Learn about the concept of Planned Abandonment, an often-overlooked precursor to innovation.
  • Understand how to develop a culture of innovation.
  • Visit a company with a strong history of innovation for a benchmarking field trip and a wide-ranging discussion on how this organization manages the process.
  • Work in small teams—then create an individual plan and commitment for putting key insights about innovation to work solving your real business needs.

Click here for a detailed program summary [PDF].

Register Today

Registration for the Drucker Innovation Boot Camp is now open. For more details, or to learn about team discounts, please contact Lea Deutsch at Future Workplace.