Institute gathers global audience for third annual Drucker Society Symposium

Some 50 people from nine countries met in Claremont from May 20-22 to share their experiences in bringing about positive change in their local communities through Peter Drucker’s teachings.

Those in attendance were part of the Drucker Society Global Network—a set of all-volunteer groups that are implementing a series of programs, developed in conjunction with the Drucker Institute, that are intended to convert Peter Drucker’s ideas and ideals into action and results.

Their activities include book clubs in which members discuss Drucker’s writings and how to apply them to their companies and communities; Drucker-based training programs for nonprofit organizations; presentations on Drucker and his principles for high school students; workshops on innovation for would-be entrepreneurs; and much more.

The gathering—the third annual Drucker Society Global Symposium—was facilitated by the WildWorks Group, a Dallas-based firm that custom-designs collaborative work sessions.

“There was a big shift in the Symposium this year,” said Rick Wartzman, executive director of the Drucker Institute. “The first two times we convened, we had a parade of speeches, envisioning what the Drucker Societies would actually do. Now, they’re off and doing—and beginning to make a real difference in the lives of many. And so this year, they were in position to share best practices and learn from each other.”

For a taste of how the Drucker Societies are making an impact, check out the newly released video below.