The Management Guru for Designers

Why Drucker, why now? In a world of so many passing and, frankly, exhausting management fads and leadership BS…it’s hard to know what to make sense of. But one name comes up time and time again: Peter Drucker.

— Susan O’Malley, Director of Strategy, IDEO

In this extended episode of the IDEO Futures podcast, Zach First, executive director of the Drucker Institute, joins Global Managing Director of IDEO Ventures Diego Rodriguez and guest host Susan O’Malley, IDEO’s Director of Strategy, for a conversation that will make you think differently about management, leadership and life.

Zach, Susan and Diego answer questions from IDEO’s extended community of designers and clients, including:

  • How will AI will influence management?
  • How do you distinguish between an opportunity and a distraction?
  • What does it mean to be a responsible company?
  • With work and technology changing so fast, what makes for a good life?

Stay tuned all the way through to hear a previously undiscovered recording from the Drucker Archives that sheds a bright light on today’s rapid pace of technological change.