New from the Institute: The Second Global Peter Drucker Forum

Today and tomorrow, the second global Peter Drucker Forum will convene in Vienna, Austria.  This forum marks the conclusion of a series of events related to the Drucker Centennial.

This gathering also represents a starting point for exploring the challenges for management in the future.  Having paid tribute in Vienna last year to Peter F. Drucker, participants are now set to look forward–yet not without keeping Drucker’s practical wisdom, his values and his humanity in mind.

The Forum 2010 will explore what Peter Drucker called “The Next Society” and will highlight the management challenges and opportunities that it brings about.

The events of the Peter Drucker Forum will be available for viewing by webcast at these transmission times:

Take a virtual journey to the 2010 global Peter Drucker Forum by webcast and by joining the on-going conversations on Facebook and Twitter.
Peter F. Drucker