PBS documentary on the future of America features Institute board member Bill Pollard

Renewing American Culture, a documentary now airing on more than 150 PBS stations across the country, includes a segment on Drucker Institute board member Bill Pollard and his remarkable work at ServiceMaster Co.

Pollard, who until his retirement in 2001 led ServiceMaster as CEO for more than 25 years, enacted a new corporate code of conduct there that gave equal emphasis to making money and nurturing employees and the community.

His strategy, which was greatly influenced by Peter Drucker, led to significant prosperity for both ServiceMaster and the communities in which it does business. In less than 10 years, ServiceMaster’s profits climbed from $234 million to $6.4 billion while it was widely seen as a corporation that, in the words of Fortune magazine, took “extraordinary care . . . of employees.”

“America is at a crossroad,” say the film’s creators, “and many in the United States are questioning if American values are still relevant in today’s globalized, high-tech world.” Renewing American Culture and the companion book by the same name reveal the social and corporate pioneers who are generating a sense of community, as well as a resurgence of American virtues.

The film is produced and directed by 17-time Emmy Award winner Todd Gould, with executive producers Theodore Roosevelt Malloch and Scott T. Massey. For further information, Massey can be contacted at 317-695-3038.