Pulmuone’s Seung-Woo Nam Joins the Drucker Institute’s Board of Advisors

The Drucker Institute announced that Seung-Woo Nam, the Chairman and CEO of Pulmuone Holdings Co., Ltd. of South Korea, has joined its Board of Advisors.

“We are thrilled to add a leader of Mr. Nam’s caliber to our board,” said Bob Buford, chairman of the Drucker Institute, a campus-wide resource of Claremont Graduate University. “Not only does he have a marvelous track record in the corporate sector, but he has been heavily involved with helping to create a healthier society in South Korea and around the world. In all of this, he is carrying forward Peter Drucker’s ideas and ideals.”

Nam joins an extraordinary group of board members. In addition to Buford, a cable TV pioneer, author and chairman of the Buford Foundation, they include: John Bachmann, senior partner at the investment firm Edward Jones; John Byrne, executive editor of BusinessWeek; attorney Cecily Drucker, daughter of the late Peter Drucker; author, inventor and entrepreneur Doris Drucker, wife of the late Peter Drucker; Allison Graff-Weisner, executive director of City Year Los Angeles; Nobuhiro Iijima, president of Tokyo-based Yamazaki Baking Co.; Ira Jackson, dean of CGU’s Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management; CGU President Robert Klitgaard; C. William Pollard, former chairman and CEO of ServiceMaster Co. and author; Minglo Shao, founder of Bright China Holding Ltd. and head of the Peter F. Drucker Academy, a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to teaching Drucker’s principles and practices in China; and Craig Wynett, general manager of Future Growth Initiatives at Procter & Gamble Co.

As CEO of Pulmuone, Nam leads one of South Korea’s top food product manufacturers. The company, which also has operations in the U.S. and China, was among the first to bring to market soy-based products that are certified as free of genetically modified organisms. In addition, Pulmuone has pioneered new flavors and packaging that are boosting demand for this low-cost, high-nutrient food.

Nam’s leadership extends well beyond his own company. As the Chairman of the UN Global Compact in South Korea, he heads a group of more than 100 corporate, government and NGO leaders in his country. They are helping organizations across all three sectors fulfill what Peter Drucker called “management’s self interest in a healthy society” by aligning operations and strategies with 10 principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption.

Nam is also a co-president of the Drucker Society of Korea, where he helps convene regular meetings of South Korean corporate executives to read and apply Drucker’s work in their own organizations and communities.

“This honor should be a tribute to those Korean people who have been working hard to practice Drucker’s principles and to become positive contributors to the functioning society,” Nam said.

Nam replaces KH Moon, former chief executive of Yuhan-Kimberly Ltd., who is now a member of the national parliament in South Korea.

“We are extremely grateful to Mr. Moon for his service,” said Rick Wartzman, director of the Drucker Institute. “We are sorry to lose his important contributions as a member of our board. But we applaud his increased commitment to serving his country, and his ongoing efforts to bring Peter Drucker’s vision of lifelong learning to South Korea. Meanwhile, we’re delighted to be working with Mr. Nam as we look to preserve—and build on—the Drucker legacy at a time when the world needs his insights about effective management, ethical leadership and social responsibility more than ever.”