Scores from around the world to gather in Claremont at the Drucker Society Global Symposium, June 11-13

More than 75 people from more than a dozen countries will gather in Claremont from June 11-13, 2008, to explore how they can continue to create a healthier society by advancing effective management and ethical leadership and carrying forward the legacy of Peter F. Drucker.

The second annual Drucker Society Global Symposium is expected to attract participants from business, government, the nonprofit arena and academia. Most are members of the Drucker Society Global Network, an association of grassroots groups dedicated to making a positive difference in their communities by drawing practical knowledge and inspiration from Peter Drucker’s teachings.

“Last year, at the time of the first symposium, three Drucker Societies had been officially formed, all of them in Asia,” said Rick Wartzman, director of the Drucker Institute. “Today, Drucker Societies in seven countries on four continents have been established. Clearly, our growth has been strong.”

The next step, Wartzman added, is not only to maintain-and even accelerate-the growth of the global network but to ensure its effectiveness. To that end, Drucker Society representatives at the symposium will engage in workshops led by PainePR, a Los Angeles firm with extensive experience in social marketing, and professional services giant Deloitte LLP, which will focus on assessing results.

The symposium will also feature remarks by Elissa Clapp, senior vice president of recruitment at Teach for America, who will discuss how to build a movement for positive change.

“Our aim,” Wartzman said, “is to foster a network of Drucker Societies that would make Peter Drucker proud: one focused on community, oriented to action and ever mindful that we must, as Drucker himself put it, ‘measure results in changed lives.’”

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