Survey of top marketing executives ranks Drucker as one of the three most important business “gurus” of today

A just-published survey has found that top marketing executives rank Peter Drucker among the three most important thinkers in business.

Specifically, the October survey asked an elite group of marketing professionals: “What one marketing/business guru do you feel is most important currently?” Drucker ranked third, behind only best-selling author Seth Godin and Apple Inc. Chief Executive Steve Jobs. Drucker was picked more often than such luminaries as Warren Buffett, Tom Peters and Jim Collins.

“What’s funny is that Drucker always hated the label ‘guru,’” said Zach First, assistant director of the Drucker Institute. “Still, whatever term you use, these results clearly underscore the enduring strength of Drucker’s legacy and the continuing relevance of his ideas.”

The survey, by Anderson Analytics, was conducted among members of the Marketing Executives Networking Group, an invitation-only organization limited to senior executives in strategic planning, marketing, advertising and sales who earn at least $150,000 annually. More than 600 of the group’s 1,657 members responded to the survey.