The Drucker Institute at Claremont Graduate University announced today that, once a month, it will feature select posts from its daily blog, the Drucker Exchange, in six languages: Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish.

These posts, translated from the English-language originals, will appear on the first Friday of every month beginning Feb. 3.

“Our readership is clearly a global one, and being able to provide content in more languages will help us connect to our growing audience around the world,” said Phalana Tiller, the Drucker Institute’s communications manager. “We have seen that about every three minutes, someone somewhere in the world Tweets about Peter Drucker,” Tiller continued. “It’s important for us to try to engage with the ever-expanding universe of Drucker-like thinkers, beyond the boundaries of the English language.”

The Drucker Exchange currently draws about 30,000 visits a month and is part of the Drucker Institute’s media suite, which also includes a radio show called “Drucker on the Dial” and a bi-weekly column in Bloomberg Businessweek online by Institute Executive Director Rick Wartzman.