The Drucker Institute and WildWorks announce ‘Drucker Unpacked’

The Drucker Institute and WildWorks Group, a leading process-consulting firm to Fortune 500 companies, have announced Drucker Unpacked—an engaging, do-it-yourself workshop-in-a-box that distills decades of Peter Drucker’s most essential ideas so that up to 15 people inside any organization can turn them into action.

The new product was unveiled on June 1 at the American Society for Training & Development’s International Conference & Exposition in Washington. The first Drucker Unpacked “kits” will be available in October for $399 each.

Each Drucker Unpacked kit comes packaged with a facilitator’s guide; relevant Drucker writings; “knowledge templates” that capture Drucker’s thinking in graphical form and make his key principles come alive; “discussion templates” with group exercises; and “personal action cards,” on which individuals record their own specific set of tasks based on the output of the group.

The Drucker Unpacked lineup will initially be comprised of 5 kits:

  • The Right Call: How to Make an Effective Decision
  • Reality Check: Are Your Assumptions About Customers, Markets and Technology on the Money?
  • What The Customer Values: Understanding Who Buys What You Sell—And Who Doesn’t
  • Out With The Old: Why Abandoning Yesterday is Essential for Success
  • The Art Of The New: Spotting Opportunities for Innovation

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