The Drucker Institute re-releases The Nonprofit Drucker, an action guide to nonprofit leadership and management, on audio CD

The Drucker Institute has re-issued The Nonprofit Drucker, a landmark five-volume audio series featuring Peter Drucker’s insights into the management of the social sector.

Originally recorded in 1989 in cassette format, The Nonprofit Drucker has now been converted to CD, with a new introduction that highlights the continuing relevance of the series to today’s nonprofit world. The discs feature 25 hours of interviews—with Peter Drucker and of Drucker in conversation with nonprofit leaders. The material served as the basis for Drucker’s book, Managing the Non-Profit Organization: Principles and Practices.

“Though this material is nearly 20 years old, it sounds like it could have been recorded yesterday, in part because Peter was so forward-thinking and in part because what he taught was so fundamentally important,” said Rick Wartzman, director of the Drucker Institute. “What’s more, these CDs couldn’t come at a better time. Volunteering at nonprofits is way up, and social entrepreneurship is exploding. Once again, Peter was way out in front in anticipating the trend.”

The CDs, now available to all, were first released on Nov. 19, 2007, at a conference held in New York called “Creating the Future of Nonprofits: Opportunity and Innovation in the Social Sector.”

During the event, which was presented by the Drucker Institute and the Leader to Leader Institute, Steven Hilton, the president of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, recalled how he and his staff had listened to the Drucker audio series many years ago and how they’re still using the lessons they learned to move the organization ahead. Hilton noted, for instance, that he still comes back to one basic Drucker principle time and again: “There is an old saying that good intentions don’t move mountains; bulldozers do. In nonprofit management, the mission and the plan—if that’s all there is—are the good intentions. Strategies are the bulldozers. They convert what you want to do into accomplishment.”

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