gi_96253_logo1_01The Peter Drucker Society Europe announced the winners of the 2013 Drucker Challenge video and essay contests.

The top winners in both categories will be honored at the annual Global Peter Drucker Forum, set to be held on November 14 and 15 in Vienna. The theme of this year’s Forum is “Managing Complexity.”

Contest entrants—each a student or young professional under the age of 35—were invited to produce videos and write essays addressing the subject “Innovation Inspiration: Lessons for Innovators From the Arts and Sciences.” This marked the inaugural year of the video category.

The winning video makers, chosen through online voting, are Phil Noelting of Canada for “Simple Significance,” John Quintero of Colombia for “Lasting Value” and Syed Mudaser Ahmad Shah of India for “Innovation Simplified.”

You can watch the winners’ work, plus more, at In all, 54 videos met the contest criteria and were accepted into the competition. More than 3,400 registered users voted during a six-week period for their favorites.

The winning essay writers from among the student submissions are Andrew Schwartz of the United States for “How to Innovate Fearlessly,” Sarah Maria Meisenberger of Austria for “The Art of Management—a Science” and Radoslav Dragov of Bulgaria for “The Art and Science of Innovation.” Among young managers and entrepreneurs, the winning essay writers are Tojin Eapen of India for “Empathy & Confrontation: Lessons for Innovators,” Prince Karakire Guma of Uganda for “Revisiting the Phenomenon of Organizational Management: African Art, and Why it Matters” and Jessica Di Bella of Germany for “Artistic Freedom and the Shoal-Model of Intrapreneurship: Management Lessons in Innovation and Creativity drawn from Fine Arts.”

You can download these essays, along with others, at In all, 160 essays were entered into the competition. A distinguished panel of judges, led by Lynda Gratton of London Business School, picked the winners.

The Drucker Challenge was made possible through generous sponsorships from Tata Consultancy Services, Tupperware Brands and Scrum Alliance.

About the Peter Drucker Society Europe
The Peter Drucker Society Europe is a practitioner-led, multi-stakeholder group that builds on Peter Drucker’s fundamental ideas and ideals with the aim of contributing to the evolution of management as a vital piece of a functioning modern society. It is an affiliate of the Drucker Institute and part of a broad network of Drucker Societies that operate across the globe.

Each year, the Drucker Society Europe organizes the Global Peter Drucker Forum, a crystallizing event where practitioners and management thinkers convene to discuss the future of management in a pragmatic and solution-oriented manner.