When Job One is Simply Having a Job

Many economists now believe the worst of the recession is behind us. That, though, is small solace to those who’ve lost one of the 5.7 million jobs that have disappeared since the beginning of the downturn. In this edition of Drucker Apps, you’ll find tools that will help you understand why continuing education is crucial to employability, the importance of innovation to job creation, how the stimulus can be most effective, and how to manage yourself during these difficult days. These insights—at once timely and timeless—are based on the ideas and ideals of the late Peter F. Drucker, the father of modern management.

Knowledge as job security

“In a knowledge economy where skill is based on knowledge, and where technology and economy are likely to change fast . . . the only meaningful job security is the capacity to learn fast.”— Peter F. Drucker, The Age of Discontinuity

Innovation as the key to job creation

“In terms of job creation, high tech is the maker of tomorrow.”— Peter F. Drucker, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Why “middle-tech,” “low-tech” and “no-tech” have also been crucial in generating jobs. Read more here.
  • Hear Bo Fishback, vice president of entrepreneurship at the Kauffman Foundation, discuss what’s happening now in a garage near you.

Stimulating the stimulus

“A program of public works on a sufficiently large scale might have a fair chance of overcoming unemployment provided it is accepted by the people.”— Peter F. Drucker, Concept of the Corporation

  • What makes public works work? Read more here.
  • Listen to the University of Pennsylvania’s Peter Cappelli on the tension between speed versus effectiveness in government spending.

“Help Wanted” (if you help yourself first)

“Successful careers are not ‘planned.’ They are the careers of people who are prepared for the opportunity because they know their strengths, the way they work and their values.”— Peter F. Drucker, Management Challenges for the 21st Century

  • Friendly advice to job hunters: Manage yourself Click here to read more.
  • How to keep your head when you might lose your job. Read more here.
  • Watch William Cohen, former Drucker PhD student and president of the Institute of Leader Arts, discuss how to sell your skills in a tough job market.