Archivist’s Pick: A Life in Pictures

Here’s this month’s piece from the Drucker Institute’s archivist, Bridget Lawlor. By drawing lessons from the vast treasure trove of papers and other objects that are collected in Peter Drucker’s archives, Bridget is giving new life to decades-old material.

Peter Drucker was a man of words. But you can now find his story in pictures—Drucker: A Life in Pictures, to be exact.

Newly published by McGraw-Hill, this trove of photos captures Drucker in all facets of his life: as an immigrant fleeing Hitler’s Germany, a bestselling author, a beloved professor, a family man and a consultant to major corporations, nonprofits and government agencies.

The images—all drawn from the Drucker Archives and shot by celebrated photographer Anne Fishbein—include Drucker’s doctoral dissertation on international law, a handwritten note from General Electric’s Jack Welch, a high honor bestowed upon Drucker by the Emperor of Japan, Drucker’s typewriter, his walking stick, record collection and FBI file. The book also includes pictures of manuscripts, awards, personal letters and various ephemera.

The book is framed by extensive captions written by Drucker Institute Executive Director Rick Wartzman and includes excerpts of interviews with Drucker himself.

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