Archivist’s Pick: You!

Here’s this month’s piece from the Drucker Institute’s archivist, Bridget Lawlor. By drawing lessons from the vast treasure trove of papers and other objects that are collected in Peter Drucker’s achives, Bridget is giving new life to decades-old material.

The archivist’s pick of the month is you!

We need you to become a citizen archivist and help us translate one of Peter Drucker’s earliest monographs from German into English.

Drucker had already fled Frankfurt for England when he wrote this seminal 1936 essay, “Die Judenfrage in Deutschland,” or “The Jewish Question in Germany.” The Nazis banned and burned it.

We selected “Die Judenfrage in Deutschland” as the first document in our collection to be translated in this way due to its historical significance, as well as the increasing requests we have received for an English translation.

This project is not for the faint of heart. The platform we are using is Wikisource, which is a “free library anyone can improve.” It can be a bit difficult to navigate at times, but we have included a pdf file with directions to help provide clarity.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, Bridget Lawlor, at

The Jewish Question in Germany, written by Peter Drucker in 1936, was banned by the Nazis.