Would Better Leaders Fix Our Problems?

Billionaire entrepreneur Mort Mandel, the former CEO of Premier Industrial Corp. and a huge force in the social sector, spoke about his new book, It’s All About Who, with Drucker Institute Executive Director Rick Wartzman on Monday at Zocalo Public Square.

During the on-stage interview, held in Los Angeles at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Mandel talked about the importance of hiring “A” players to ensure the success of any organization, the insidious pressure that the financial community puts on publicly traded companies, the lessons he has learned from being a nonprofit leader and myriad other topics.

To see more about the event, including a full video, click here.

Mort Mandel and Rick Wartzman. Photo by Aaron Salcido courtesy of Zocalo Public Square
Mort Mandel and Rick Wartzman. Photo by Aaron Salcido/Zocalo Public Square