The Feedback

Everybody knows that small businesses create the bulk of the jobs out there. But what if that’s actually not true? In fact, big businesses may be the big creator, according to new data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  So we asked readers what they make of the numbers:

Reader Maverick 18 said forget about business. The big grower is government:

The growth in government has definitely outpaced small business and the private sector, and government is perhaps the least innovative entity. If the trend continues, we can expect to repeat the Greek experience, i.e. a society and economy failing under the burden of excessive public employment and benefits.

Reader Greg Zerovnik took issue with that:

What was once true is no longer true. City, county and state governments have been laying off people in droves. . . . The public sector today is a bloodbath. Jobs once known for their long-term stability are now curious historical footnotes.

We also considered the career of the late Andrew Breitbart, a master of communicating in black and white, and asked whether black-and-white or gray is most effective when it comes to influencing people.

Reader Daniel Pacheco said it depends on whom you’re trying to influence:

When it comes to influencing people be black and white with the direct communicators and be gray to the indirect communicators.

Reader Ryan likewise said it depends—but on area of communication rather than audience:

I believe Peter Drucker in his writings viewed a company’s purpose as something that MUST be black and white, while other things in business and life may indeed be gray at least initially. Strongly held beliefs, values  goals and purpose are the critical black and white things that guide us through the gray areas that will always arise.

Meanwhile, reader Mike Grayson offered this final larger thought:

Being relentlessly black or white will influence those who already share your values but is likely to be resisted or rejected by those who do not.