Honoring Charles Handy

It’s our great pleasure to give a shout out to our friend Charles Handy, who, it was recently announced, is set to be the recipient of the first-ever award for Lifetime Achievement from Thinkers50.

We’ve learned a lot from Handy, a scholar-in-residence at the Drucker Institute. Clearly, so have many others. “His work . . . has been consistently prescient and powerful,” said Thinkers50 co-founder Des Dearlove. “He was talking about flexible working, ethics and social responsibility long before their importance was recognized within organizations or elsewhere.”

Thinkers50 is a top global ranking of management minds, published every two years. The 2009 winner was the late C.K. Prahalad. The previous winners were Michael Porter (2005) and Peter Drucker (2001 and 2003).

Photo credit: Elizabeth Handy