Rich Man, Poor Man: Reader Response

Reader Rob P., pointing to Drucker’s own work in the classroom, suggests that improving education may be the answer to closing the income gap:

“A decade ago, Peter was experimenting with webcast lectures, where he could potentially communicate with 1000′s of students located all over the world. This might be considered a disruptive productivity improvement in the higher education services sector. Wouldn’t it be great if students from around the world could interactively participate in a . . . class with the best teachers and be able to interact with other high quality students from anyplace? Would this reduce the cost of education, improve the quality and increase the productivity of the . . . service sector? I suspect Drucker was headed in that direction.”

What do you think? Can the service sector dramatically raise its productivity—and, in turn, help lift workers’ wages—without a vast improvement in our education system?