The Beauty of His Creation

In December 2004, when Peter Drucker was 95 years old, he was interviewed on the public radio show “On Point.”

Drucker spoke of leadership, management and the future of a world with many dangers on the horizon. As the show wound down, host Tom Ashbrook asked Drucker about his faith, about God, about death

“Well, I happen to be a very conventional, traditional Christian—period,” Drucker told Ashbrook. “And I don’t think about it. I am told, not my job to think about it. My job is to say, ‘Yes, sir.’”

Ashbrook suggested that such an outlook must be comforting.

“It is,” Drucker agreed. “And I say every morning and every evening, ‘Praise be to God for the beauty of his creation. Amen.’”

Whatever grand issues the world may face today, whatever faith you may have or not, we hope you will enjoy all the beauty around you. To those who celebrate Christmas today, Merry Christmas. To all our other readers, have a happy and peaceful day.

Winter Waterfall
Image credit: Tom Gill