The Feedback

Last week, we asked whether the economic crisis was giving rise to a “sharing economy” in which older models of consumption are being tossed aside. A bunch of readers seemed to think it was possible.

Reader Fernando Brom wrote that fundamental change is needed:

We are facing a deep and systemic crisis, triggered by excessive ambitions and lack of control of financial capitalism. . . . A new Post-Capitalism is required for a globalized economy in the 21st century.

Reader Richard Straub agreed:

In a period where the social compact between corporations and employees has been eroded and the welfare state has become totally unsustainable, new models are required.

We also asked whether the company formerly known as Blackwater was right in trying to become a “boring” company.

Reader David Marquet said yes:

Exciting is a good attribute for a relationship. Boring is a good attribute for a factory. . . .There’s no ‘following the action’ in a well-run organization because the action is everywhere, all the time. In a personality-driven organization, the camera follows the charismatic character as he or she deals with one self-made crisis after another. What is everyone else doing?