The World (Still) According to Peter Drucker
Peter F. Drucker

Much to our delight, Peter Drucker and the Drucker Institute got a little ink today in Inc.

“If there was a fire and I could save just one business book (because business books would naturally be front of mind in that situation), I would emerge from the flames waving Peter Drucker’s The Effective Executive,” columnist Leigh Buchanan writes. “And if I could manage an armload I’d bring out the rest of Drucker’s oeuvre. That’s because almost everything that anyone has observed about modern management in the past 30 years Drucker observed first, with elegance and clarity.”

Buchanan ends the piece by printing a 10-point checklist from the Drucker Institute, spelling out how you can tell if “you have a Drucker-like company.” Take a look at the piece—and see how your organization measures up—by clicking here.