To Our Readers

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In October 2010—1,101 posts ago—we launched the Drucker Exchange, our daily blog.

In a fast-moving media world, that clearly makes the Dx what Peter Drucker called “yesterday’s breadwinner.” And yesterday’s breadwinner, he warned, “soon becomes a bar to the introduction and success of tomorrow’s breadwinner. One should, therefore, abandon yesterday’s breadwinner before one really wants to, let alone before one has to.”

As of today, the Dx will cease publication, and our monthly podcast, “Drucker on the Dial,” will also be retired—all so that we can begin work on tomorrow’s breadwinner: a bi-monthly e-magazine that will launch in September. This product will combine original reporting with actionable takeaways, all presented with a new visual flair. Stay tuned for more on that.

In the meantime, we hope you’ll join our more than 17,000 Twitter followers @DruckerInst, where we are stepping up the conversation on management and leadership with more timely insights, more links and more Drucker wisdom than ever before.

Here’s to tomorrow!