What Peter Drucker Would Be Reading This Election Day

Peter Drucker

Recent selections from around the web that, we think, would have caught Peter Drucker’s eye:

1.       The Page: Given Peter Drucker‘s deep interest in politics, even the most focused and effective time-managers among us can be forgiven for being distracted by the latest news bulletins when it’s Election Day. Over at The PageMark Halperin keeps the updates on today’s many races coming as fast as he can get hold of them.

2.       Moderates, Establishmentarians and Middle-American Radicals: Terms like “radical” and “moderate” might suffuse our discourse, but what should we make of them? Jumping off of a David Brooks column on the “moderate” temperament, American Conservative blogger Noah Millman makes the case that the term “moderate” for the most part reflects “the prejudices and priorities of the establishment.” Millman elaborates, “The opposite pole of ‘establishmentarian’ is not ‘extreme’ or ‘moderate’ but ‘populist,’” and if the perspective of the populist could be voice in a “moderate” manner “our politics would be significantly improved by its inclusion.”

3.     The Voter Fraud Myth: Ballot-box stuffing and dead voters are just some of the many voting violations that have played out in American history. But the notion among many Republicans today that widespread voter fraud still exists is nonsense, argues Jane Mayer in a New Yorker profile of former Justice Department lawyer and anti-voter-fraud crusader Hans von Spakovsky.  Spakovsky, of course, feels otherwise: “Von Spakovsky says that his heritage has made him especially appreciative of American democracy and sensitive to what he calls its ‘fragility.’”

4.     Dx Comment of the Week: Last week, when we asked whether “an acute shortage of human capital” prevents us from tackling major social problems, reader Russ Williams responded with an emphatic “Yes,” but added:

On a positive note, we see some foundations taking a step back, assessing their investment portfolios and realizing the common thread where investments are scuffling is human capital. We believe as more foundations and philanthropists come to this realization many will begin to set some portion of their investments aside for efforts to strengthen leadership within the organizations or sectors they are passionate about.